Evaluate how far Jinnikins Jeans’ approach to reward is consistent with their business objectives


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You are a line manager at Jinnikins Jeans and you have been asked to write a report on your chosen topic for the Senior Management Team about your views on people management at Jinnikins Jean. The report should use the Brookes Report format and to identify the following; (Learning outcomes 4 and 5).
Present an overview of the of the impact of your topic selected on the staff at Jinnikins Jeans emphasising the link between the nature of the business and people management approaches (Learning outcomes 1 and 3)
Your overview should include evidence from the case study to support your analysis of the situation and make reference to relevant theoretical frameworks (Learning outcomes 3)
Design an action plan that presents an effective policy (guidelines for line managers), relevant to your selected assignment topic, which includes the top 4 features that will address any problems you have identified previously (Learning outcomes 2) Assessment Criteria
The marking tutor’s feedback comments (see sample Assessment Feedback form) for the individual report will be based on the following criteria – see Marking Grid:
Presentation of assignment in Faculty of Business report format, correct Harvard referencing, layout, clarity of expression, spelling and usage of appropriate HR language 10%
Context in which the subject is used, i.e. understanding of the case study, both the internal and external contexts 20%
Knowledge deployed: appropriate definitions, models and theories accurately applied 30%
Analysis/ Evaluation/Critical Reasoning: building a line of argument 20%
Conclusion/Recommended Policy: Conclusion – summarising the main themes explored and demonstrating how your constructed your arguments (critical reasoning) and an action plan creating a policy of 5 key points that address the problems identified in your analysis. 20% NOTE: All attachments are VERY important. they will guide you through to write this report. Showing brookes report format, Assignment briefing, The formative essay And its Feedback and the remaining ones are the Learning outcomes

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