Focus is on Dallaire’s leadership


Length:  1500 words(without reference) + reference list( at least 6)

Format: Double-line spacing, size 12 font single sided, black and white print.

Reference Style: RMIT Business


 Keep Intro & conclusion short. Expand on the body of the essay. Focus is on Dallaire’s leadership. Go straight to the point. No need to give definition of organization. Write immediately on D’s leadership & one other person in the case study.

1) Outline/ skeleton of the report :

Introduction :
– Introduction of the Rwanda genoicide


Body :

– Research on trait approaches to leadership ( ex. transparency, personality)

– Research on the types of leadership in an organisation ( ex. authentic, charismatic, transformational)

– Application of leadership factors which i have research in compare to the leaders involved in Rwanda which failed in preventing the genocide ( ex. Comparing the type of leadership and Romeo Dallaire’s leadership style)



– Express ideas by giving recommendations on how things can be improved.

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