Food Science Product Development Research Project


Food Science Product Development Research Project

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There are two parts to this project:
1. The first part is to assess a currently available food product
2. The second part is to develop a new and improved version of the food product (on paper only – you do not actually have to create product). However, you do need to state what it is you are changing or adding and why. This project requires some research for information regarding food preservation techniques (additives, preservatives) as well as development of biotechnology (packaging) and food development.

Use the following guide to help you write up your research project. This paper should be 3-4 pages long. It should be typed and double-spaced. You must include a bibliography and works cited page. This paper needs to be written in essay format. The guide below is to help you organize your project.

Assessing a Currently Available Product:

1. What is the name and general description of the product you have selected?
2. Who is the target (intended) market?
3. Is it geared towards kids athletes, older adults?
4. Is it low calorie, high protein, lactose-free, gluten free, and/or low fat?
5. Is it a functional food (with added benefits such as fiber, omega -3-fatty acids, etc.)
6. What are the raw ingredients needed to make this product?
7. What ingredient in this food would be considered additives? Describe the physical/chemical properties of each additive and its purpose in this product.
8. Identify aspects of the development of this food product which might be considered problematic or controversial (identify specific issues such as nutrient content- i.e., trans fats, gluten, safety of food additives, packaging, environmental issues, etc. List the pros and cons related to the issues you identified.
Development of a New Food Product

1. What is the name and general description of your proposed new food product?
2. Are you gearing product towards a targeted market (kids, athletes, etc.)?
3. Will it be a low cal, high fiber, gluten or dairy free?
4. Will it be a functional food?
5. What are the ingredients needed to make your product?
6. What are the steps required to manufacture this product?
7. What additives (chemical or natural) might be used in the product and why?
8. Shelf –life of product
9. Description of product including package type ( can, glass, plastic, single-serve, recyclable, organic…

Various websites that might be helpful:

1. International Food Information Council (
2. U.S.D.A. Food and Nutrition Information Center ( )
3. Institute of Food Technologists (
4. Food and Drug Administration (
5. U.S.D.A. Department of Agriculture Food Composition Data (
6. Food Marketing Institute (
7. U.S.D.A. Food Safety and Inspection Service (


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