Imagine you are a visitor to medieval Japan. You decide that you want to explain to your friends back home what you have seen and done in Japan by writing two postcards. Unfortunately, you know that Japan is very isolationist and is skeptical of contact with the outside world. For this reason, you will need to describe what you see very carefully and fairly. If your postcards are discovered to be harmful to the reputation of the leadership in Japan, your life could be in danger.

Think about the social, political, religious, intellectual, and economic aspects of S.P.R.I.T.E. that you have learned about in this lesson. When writing your two postcards, be sure to pay attention to the geography of Japan, different social roles in medieval Japanese society, outside influences on Japanese culture, and Japanese reactions to those influences.

Choose a Web 2.0 tool to create your two postcards. Visit the Web 2.0 tools area of the course for additional ideas and resources.


·         create two postcards telling the outside world about social, political, religious, intellectual, or economic aspects of medieval Japanese society

·         each postcard should have one image showing aspects of medieval Japanese society

·         each postcard should have one full paragraph describing your observations of medieval Japanese society

·         use your senses when describing your observations


·         remember to use images that are detailed enough to describe your observations

  • mention the physical geography of Japan and how it affected the organization of medieval Japanese society

  • mention at least one foreign influence on Japanese culture and the Japanese reaction to this influence