How do students listen to music ?


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I will attach two files which both have essential guidelines for the paper. The topic is “how do students listen to music ?” which has to rely on a primary research for 12 people ( which can also be fictional made by you) and it must be a survey and probably an additional brief interview to find out more data. Basically students around Regents University London have to be questioned on how do they prefer to listen to their music, whether it is itunes purchases or spotify broadcast, piracy , cd rips; how often do they do it and what device is used ? could be people who use it daily and who prefer crowded clubs and commercial bangers just at the weekend. You can also include the genres that are most popular today as well as other questions in the survey and interview. After that all the data should be analyzed in the findings section, summarized with some results and a conclusion has to be given. The questions should be inculded in the appendix and have different structure, like multiple choice , gap question on the age, etc.

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