Humanistic Psychology


Humanistic Psychology
Order Description
This is to be a journal article critique written in APA format, double spaced with 12 pt font of Times New Roman. Using the article that is attached on self-actualization as the article to critique as I have to submit the full article in as well as the written paper. Objective: Write a 3-4 page college-level paper in APA format, in which you analyze one scientific, peer-reviewed article in the discipline of psychology and discuss how the results of the study may benefit the surrounding community and/or society as a whole.
Format: FORMAT
• You must use APA format.
• APA format requirements include a cover page, reference page, in-text citations, etc. (*you do not need an abstract page for this paper.)
• PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. All information must be stated in your own words.


• Introduction (10 points) (PURPOSE: to educate the reader on the topic/concept)
o will define topic and other key terms
o will include symptoms, statistics of occurrence and current information in the field
• Main body (40 points) (PURPOSE: to explain the research conducted in the article)
o will state what you found in the journal article
• What were the researchers trying to discover (i.e. what was the hypothesis or purpose)?
o This is usually found at the beginning of the article. Usually the hypothesis or statement of a problem appears at the end of the review of the literature, most often in the last or next to last paragraph. The words that indicate that it is a hypothesis are, “We will examine. . .” or “Our hypothesis is . . .” In a statement of a problem, the researcher may say, “We plan to see if a relationship…,” “We proposed to observe…,” or “The problem we proposed to study…” (You must use your own words—do NOT use quotes).
• How was the research conducted (research design or type of study)?
o Is the research descriptive (case study, naturalistic observation, laboratory observations, surveys, tests), correlation, experimental, or developmental? For more information on research methods, refer to chapter 1 of your text.
• When and where the research was conducted?
• How long did the study take?
• Who were the participants? (number [N], age, sex, criteria to be a part of study)?
• What did the researchers actually find in relation to their hypothesis/purpose?
o ARTICLE MAY STATE: The researchers found that . . .
• What limitations did the researchers reveal?
• Summary/conclusion (50 points) (PURPOSE: to show critical thinking in regards to the research)
o How does the information in the article integrate with information from class discussion, the text, and/or other information in the discipline?
? TIP: It is a good idea to use the subject index in your text to look up the topic in your text.
o What is your opinion of the research findings?
? EXAMPLE: was this research well done or not and why?
o Why is this topic/research important? (relevance/benefits to community and/or society)

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