The letter sized have to be 10- 11
Applying the concepts used in class to an analysis of the company using data from its annual report.Using the concepts from this course you will analyze the strength snd weakness of the company and write a report recommending weather or not to to purchase the companys stock.
The complete report shouk d include:
An introduction to the company including background information
A financial statement review


Pro forma financial statement( balance sheets and income statement) for the next two fiscial years assuming a 10% growth rate in sales and cost of goods sold for each of the next two years.
A ratio analysis for the last facial year at lease two ratios from the each of the following categories:
Financial level
Asset management
Market value
Calulate return on investment using the dupount system
Asset management performace by calculating economic value added
Evaluate the soundness if the companies financial policies (capital structures, debt, leverage, dividen policy based on the material covered in class.
A synopsis of ur findings including your reccommendations and rational for whether or not to purchase stock from this company
Must include sn introductory paragraph with a succinct theise statement.
Must address the topic of the ppr with critical thought
Must include a reinstatement of the theise statement and a conclusion paragraph.
Must use five scholarly sources


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