As a class we have discussed various interpretations of the term “identity;” now is your chance to explore and convey how you understand the concept. Is identity deep, spiritual, and internal—something we are born with? Or is identity more tangible, something we simply shift and use to influence or connect with others?

Dealing with these ideas, what do you use to define yourself (OR what defines you)? Is it your language? Your social circle? Nationality? Expression though art? Your idol? A sport or hobby? A familial role? Your favorite movie? A musical genre?

For the first essay in this class, I want you to have some freedom. Identity (by definition) is a personal topic, and I’d like this assignment to reflect that spirit of personality—you can really make whatever sort of statement you’d like, so long it is specific and focused.

Simply stated, write an essay about your personal identity. How it was formed? How/why did you embraced this identity? What does this identity say about you? Was it formed by birth, culture, choice or a mixture? How did you come to this realization? Use these questions as guidance as you move forward.


This essay can range from a variety of approaches:


  • A narrative detailing a moment that defines a part of your identity.
  • Detailing/analyzing your identity to your audience aka “who I am”
  • Focusing on a part of your identity: sports fandom, societal role, etc.
  • Surprise me! It’s your paper.


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