Indegenous Media


Part 1:
Identify an Indigenous Australian media organisation or media organisation network. It can be a printed publication, a broadcast outlet, a specific program or an entire organisation.
Give an overview of its history. Describe when it was established, by whom and where it originated. Include its current profile if it is still operating.
Explain its philosophy. What gave rise to its establishment? What was the historical context in which it was formulated? This could include social, political and/or economic considerations at a national or international level.
(Could you please use this organisation for the part 1
Part 2:
In your opinion, does Indigenous media have a place in Australia today? Support your answer with reasons and examples from your research and unit readings.
N.B. No contact with any media outlet, organisation or program is permitted. All research must be conducted from written or online sources. Your paper will not be marked if this stipulation is not adhered to. The primary reason for this is to ensure we do not breach any research ethics. Secondly it is not necessary for a paper of this length and nature.

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