Veterinary technicians are inundated with questions every
day. These questions come from clients and coworkers.
Because of this, veterinary technicians need to be good
listeners and good communicators.


In your own words, describe techniques for being a good
listener. What would you do to clarify what a client or
coworker is saying to you? Also, describe some ways that you
can communicate so that a client or coworker will listen to
and fully understand what you’re saying. Give examples that
relate to dealing with clients/coworkers in a hospital setting:
like discharging a surgical patient, euthanasia, and so on.
Be sure to include
• Body language
• Nonverbal communication/gestures (including some
possible cultural differences that might arise)
• Paraphrasing
• Eye contact
• Discrimination and prejudices
• Patient records/Handouts and brochures
• Any other pertinent information you can think of


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