Investigative Study assignment


There are two parts to this report:</o:p>

  • Firstly, looking at what you have done, and </o:p>
  • Secondly, Personal Development Plan, a plan of what you intend to do in the future </o:p>

These two aspects should be linked. For example, if you found that you had difficulty in referencing correctly, then you go on to indicate what action you intend to take to remedy this.</o:p>




Part 1</o:p>


Assignment Title : </o:p>

Complete the following in report format (4500 words). </o:p>

Explain the role of Sales Promotion as both a strategic tool and a tactical tool in the marketing communications mix. </o:p>


Report Structure / need to answer on the solution</o:p>

In approaching this Investigative Study, students might wish to consider: </o:p>

a) What Sales Promotion is and involves </o:p>

b) The differences between strategic and tactical </o:p>

c) How the role is applied within marketing communications </o:p>


Suggested Initial Reading</st1:place></st1:city> </o:p>

a) Shimp, T.A., (2010), Advertising, Promotion and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications, 8th Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning </o:p>

b) Belch, G. And Belch, M., (2011), Advertising & Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 9th Edition, McGraw-Hill </o:p>


Requirement </o:p>

~ Turnitin UK 15% or below</o:p>

~ Bibliography, at least 25 referencing (not less than 15 referencing from text book)
~ need standard harvard referencing, full details of which are available from the Library website:</o:p>

~ Referencing between Text and Bibliography/Referencing list need be correct and can be find. Also must show match and appear in the paragraph</o:p>

~ content page is need</o:p>


Key Elements</o:p>

~ Broad outline of content </o:p>

~ Self- managed analytical piece of work </o:p>

~ Draws on Marketing theoretical models & perspectives </o:p>

~ Emphasise: this is a Literature based study. Therefore ‘secondary’ research, and no ‘primary’ research is required</o:p>

~ Importance of ‘log’, as work progresses, for PDP </o:p>




Part 2</o:p>


The Reflective Report ~ Complete the following in report format (500 words). </o:p>


Reflective Report: (Attached a example from our tutor)</o:p>

  • This should be based on your reflective log. A copy of your Log Book on its own is not sufficient.</o:p>
  • Also, it is not a summary (abstract) of your main Investigative Report.</o:p>
  • You should keep a record of what you have done and then write your report based on this.</o:p>


Report Structure / Tips for answer</o:p>

Based on a review and analysis of your reflective learning log, produce a reflective report which critically reflects on the process of undertaking the Investigative Study module. Your analysis should focus on significant critical incidents that occurred during the module and identify opportunities for further learning and personal development.



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