Issues of Our Times


1.What alternative word is used for extortion in Central American according to CQR?

2.What do the Spanish words “Mara,” Salva,” and “Trucha” refer to according to CQR?

3.What does the CQR say about half of the people in El Salvador and what additional point
does the CQR make about most of the people in this same group?

4.What was the leading reason given by children –according to data on 404 children examined
by CQR– as to why they chose to flee Central America?

5.What U.S. city is mentioned most by the CQR report (listed above) for being directly impacted
by Central Americans?

6.How much money does the U.S. spend per year on drug eradication and related programs in
Central America according to the CQR?

7.What advice did former President Jimmy Carter give regarding U.S. spending on the El
Salvador’s military?

8.What group of unfortunate visitors would experience rape and murder in the region, according
to the CQR?

9.What notorious distinction does Honduras hold according to the CQR?

10.Who was the Director of Guatemala’s prison system and what fate did he suffer according
to the CQR?

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