Keystone Pipeline A proposed construction project would install a pipeline that would transport oil from Western Canada to refineries in Nebraska and Illinois. The project is broken into three phases, one of which is still up for consideration (the other three have been implemented).


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How to write an Environmental Impact Statement:

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a document required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that is to be created and submitted to the federal government in the event that a proposed project will affect the quality and functioning of the human environment. While there are specific guidelines for the creation of an EIS, for the purposes of your assignment, you will be creating a document using the following format:

1) Introduction: Explain the issue that you are investigating. Thoroughly describe the technology involved, the geographic areas that would be impacted and the main issues that are perceived to be important in the controversy. Include references throughout your introduction of writings/research that has been performed by others. (Suggested length: 2-pages)

2) Impacts (Costs): Discuss what impacts there are that need to be considered with the proposed project. These should be all possible impacts that are pertinent to things we have discussed in class this semester (Cost of project to citizens, cost to environment, alteration of ecosystem services, changes to valuation of natural capital (instrumental and intrinsic), possible changes to current legislation that would be needed (CAA, CWA, ESA, etc), changes to biodiversity (genetic diversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity). (Suggested length: 3-pages)

3) Benefits: All possible benefits from the proposed project (employment, income for state/federal governments, improvement to local biodiversity?, long term positive impacts?) (Suggested length: 1-2 pages)

4) Assessment: Considering all of the potential costs and benefits, is the project worth it? Try to be objective here…solely weight costs against benefits, try not to interject personal opinion. Explain WHY the project is worth the cost…or WHY NOT. (Suggested length: 1 page)

At least 5 references (avoid .com, .org)
12pt font, double spaced
Electronic submission (as word or pdf only…not a pages

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