Language and discrimination


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What are the benefits (as proposed by Rickford) of using vernacular varieties to teach Standard English? In what way(s) have educational institutions prevent equal opportunity for speakers of all varieties and languages? What would it take to implement a code-meshing approach in public school classrooms? Can you anticipate criticisms or objections and respond to them before the fact?

However, if you want to use example, you can use me as an Arabic international students studying in the US.
Also, this is the note of my professor.
Language and Discrimination
You have access to the source texts, your notes, and journals. You can either handwrite or type the answers. Your responses must adequately and precisely address the topic in question. Make sure to read each question carefully before answering. Because you have access to the sources, you should also cite your sources. Questions to consider in answering the exam questions:
•What relevant sources (both used in class and your own) can I use?
•What kind of evidence do the authors bring to bear on the issues?
•What specific examples or cases are used?
•How do the videotapes, classroom discussions, my journals
Clarify, modify, challenge or reconfirm the issues


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