Laws of Evidence


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•Address the following in 900–1,200 words: ◦Identify and describe 8–10 different types of specific demonstrative evidence.
◦What can demonstrative evidence be used to show? Explain.
◦Define authentication (Rule 901, Federal Rules of Evidence).
◦What types of evidence must be authenticated? Explain why.
◦How is authentication related to relevance? Explain.
◦Thoroughly explain the process of authenticating both real evidence and demonstrative evidence. ◾How are the processes similar? How are they different? Explain.

◦Specifically, how can the following be authenticated? Explain in detail: ◾Pictorial evidence (photographs, X-rays, videos, and automatic devices)
◾Computer printouts
◾Maps, models, diagrams, charts, and summaries

◦What are the different stages in the evidence chain of custody? ◾Why is the chain of custody so important to successful prosecutions? Explain in detail.

•Use at least 3 scholarly resources to fully support your responses.
•Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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