Malaria risk factors- Result Chapter


Malaria risk factors- Result Chapter

1/ Introduction Chapter, please read through it, cause you will have idea what I am doing in my project

2/ On Project Proposal file, you can see what I plan for my project and how analyze.

3/Sample Results chapter is from one of my friend, this is how she did in her Results Chapter. If you need any table or graph illustrate for you ideas, please go ahead…

4/ A pdf is a study which is really close to my project, you can read it and have idea what Im trying to do ( this study and mine both about malaria risk factors)

5/ Questionnaire form so you know what actually I was asking children. Please divide as group factors as my friend paper’s.

6/ Excel file: this is all my data after I run Stata 13 ( Statistic program) including unadjusted Odd ratio and p-value. For any p- value less than 0.05 (yellow highlight) I will gather them and run multiple logistic regression which give new Odd ration and p-value. Please intepret results.

*Please interpret for each risk factor with its Unadjusted Odd ration and p-value.
*Any p-value <0.05 I will take them to run multiple logistic regression which results you can find below table in Excel file.
* Due to my sample size small: Cases =22 and control= 44, therefore, my professors said we should said the results might not meaningful due to sample size small. But we still need to show we do step by step as in proposal plan, we interpret and we know the fact this result not meaningful cause sample size is small.

Please refers my friend work to analyze this one.

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