) You will need to get access to the magazine “Consumer Reports” or any other consumer evaluation of a product category

(see the example included under “Personal Application 1” in this session content). You do not have to use the library

link to get the information you need, YOU CAN JUST GOOGLE IT However, if you want free access to the magazine you can get

it through FIU library. Follow these steps:
a. Go to the FIU Library login page ( and sign‐in with the username and password that

you use to login to BB and your FIU email account.
b. On the home page search for “Consumer Reports.” Scroll down and select from the list of options the one named

“Consumer Reports online.” Click on the link next to “Click here for full text options.” On the new page select the first

option “LexisNexis Academic.”
c. Then type on the search terms box the product or service category. For example, I typed razors and cereals.
2) Select from the list of references the most recent one that has a PDF file. Look for a “Ratings Table” that includes a

performance index and price per brand (see attached examples).
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MAR6805 Marketing Management
3) Construct a Customer Value Map like the one included in Chapter 4 (pg. 134‐135). In order to do so you need to

calculate the relative performance, and plot them according to the corresponding price. The “Fair Price Line” is the

regression of price by performance.
4) Interpret the Value Map. Connect the material in the course to your explanations. Highlight your connection(s) and

concepts (refer to the syllabus for an example). Locate your organization’s product or service on the map. Discuss how

would you improve your brand’s perceived customer value?
5) Since it is hard to post the graph directly in the discussion forum attach a file with the graph and post your

interpretation. Please be careful to post in the corresponding forum. Include the reference.
6) Comment on other student’s value maps.


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