Medicine and Health


View the online lecture on Bacterial Nutrition and Growth. Answer the following questions
related to that lecture. Any additional resources you use should be referenced.
1. Why are high temperatures (far outside the normal range) detrimental to most organisms?
[1 mark]
2. How does the generation time of Mycobacterium tuberculosis influence the characteristics of
tuberculosis as a disease. [1 mark]
3. Why do facultative anaerobes prefer to use oxygen if it is available even though using
oxygen results in toxic waste products? [1 mark]
4. Why are we able to keep honey in the cupboard rather than the refrigerator? In other
words, why don’t we need to worry about bacterial growth in honey? [1 mark]
5. Explain how the growth characteristics of the organism Listeria monocytogenes influence
its’ ability to cause disease?

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