Moral Development


Moral Development
Week 7 Assignment
PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to practice identifying the affective, cognitive and behavioral components of morality and to use Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning to classify people’s justifications for their actions (or inaction).


1. Read Week 7 lesson plan. You will want to review the material on the affective, cognitive, and behavior dimensions of morality. You will also need to know Kohlberg’s 3 stages of moral reasoning (i.e., preconventional, conventional, and postconventional).
2. Watch the clip from What Would You Do? You are to watch the clip that depicts what happens at a bakery when an employee refuses to serve a Muslim customer. Watch it several times taking notes. That is, you should take notes about what people do, the reasons they give for their actions (or inaction) and their feelings about what they did as you will need to be able to identify the affective, behavioral, and cognitive components of people’s morality. You can focus on bakery staff, the Muslim customer, and/or other customers.

3. Write a 2-page typed paper (single spaced) where you discuss the affective, behavioral and cognitive components of people’s morality. Be sure to classify people’s justifications (explanations/ rationales) for their actions (or inaction) using Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning. Note that you should not try and explain everyone’s moral decision making processes. Pick one or two people and focus on their affective, cognitive and behavioral actions. The idea here is that you want to demonstrate that you know the difference between the dimensions of morality and that you can apply them to a real-world example. Focus on the quality of your analysis not on the quantity or number of customers you can describe. Please be aware that for some of the people depicted in the clip you may not be able to identify all 3 components of morality as there is insufficient information given.
DUE DATE: This assignment is due no later than Sunday July 13, 2014, 11:59 PM (PST).
SUBMISSION PROCESS: To submit your assignment, please place it in the digital drop box on BeachBoard in the folder marked Week 7 Assignment: What Would You Do.
GRADING CRITERIA: This assignment is worth 30 points. Ability to correctly identify the affective, cognitive, and behavior components of morality and apply Kohlberg’s theory of moral development will determine points earned.
FEEDBACK: Students will receive feedback from the instructor via email within one week of the submission deadline.


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