new technology


new technology

Page 1 – General information
This page within your presentation should introduce your chosen topic. The information that you provide here should be not contain technical jargon and should be

appropriate for a nontechnical audience.  The content for this page should be a mixture of text and graphics.

·        Page 2 – Technical Information
The objective of this page is to inform a more technical audience about the specific technological components of your selected new technology. Therefore it should

not contain the same information that was presented in page 1, but rather expand on the information provided in page 1 in a more technical manner.

·        Page 3 – Observations, discussion, conclusions and reference section

This page of your presentation should contain your thoughts, ideas, opinions, conclusions about the topic you have researched and presented.  Think about the

significance of the technology and how it will impact society, business, communities etc.  This is the most important part of the presentation as it reflects your

understanding of the technology and the context it will be used.