Nvidia GTX 650 TI vs the Nvidia 660


Architecture Description: which will include many diagrams such as, block diagrams, speed charts, etc. a description of it’s functionality, and detailed descriptions of their components within it. If the device is a component of a larger system, describe all the interactions of the device with the other parts of the system. IE: what does the graphics card do within the computer, and what other parts of the computer does it work with. (Graphs, tables, etc should be able to take up around 3-4 pages ALONG with their descriptions of the tables and all that. So if you’re explaining a table of say, what makes up the graphics card; that should take up around page or a page and a half and so on.)

Discussion: at a minimum, will cover comparisons with similar products, important issues related to the design and performance of the device (how the issues were resolved or not. IE: bugs that had occurred with said components). Formation about the internal architecture of your chosen device.

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