Oedipus the king Greek play


write a 3-5 page essay (750-1250 words) 1. Select up to 2 themes listed on the “Miller’s Ideas and Themes” lecture slide (in Content) and discuss their significance in Death of a Salesman. 2. Select up to 2 themes in Oedipus (such as Fate vs Free Will; Pride; Power; Revenge) and discuss their significance in the play. 3. Discuss the role of blindness in Oedipus (such as physical blindness, moral blindness, blindness to fate, blindness to knowledge) Note for Topics 1-3: You should not only define and discuss the themes in broad terms (overall importance/function in the play), but you should explain how they  function specifically in the play (where they are seen, why and how they are used, and to what effect).  See pages 1511-1515, “Writing about Theme,” to help get you started. 4. The Greek word “Tyrannos” is an absolute ruler who has seized power, not inherited it.  He is not a king, since a king succeeds to the throne by birthright; the tyrannos succeeds through intelligence, force, and influence.  Discuss how the title Oedipus Tyrannus reflects one of the most powerful ironies of the play?  Note: You should look up further information on “tyrannos” to help you define it, and lay the foundation for the irony and function in the play 5. One of the chief elements of the Greek tragedy was the playwright’s use of the Chorus. Analyze the function on the Chorus and its contribution to the plot and the meaning of the play. 6. Discuss the meaning of the American Dream (research this topic) and write an essay discussing what Willy Loman can be said to have in common with the hopes of every American.  Note: Yes, Willy is deluded, pitiful, gullible, and fails to instill moral values in his sons, and of course none of us see ourselves this way.  But this topic requires you to discuss him as a character who reflects a part of ourselves. 7.    Write about stealing in the play, particularly focusing on Biff, and explain the psychological significance of theft. 8. Some critics argue that the play is about Willy Loman. Others believe that it is about Willy and Biff equally. Discuss the relationship and emotional interplay between the two of them, and how it motivates their key actions and forms much of the drama in the play.

Requirements for the essay: Minimum Quotations:  6 direct quotations from the play itself 2 direct or indirect quotations from an outside source  Outside Source: In addition to the primary text (play), you must use at least 1 outside source.  This source must be from a book (e-book or regular book) or an article from one of the online databases (accessed through TTC library homepage).  You may use additional (reliable) sources from the Internet as long as you first meet the book/database requirement.  Do NOT use websites such as Wikipedia, SparkNotes, Enotes, 123helpme, etc….  Citations: Use proper parenthetical citations for all words taken from text.  Note: the parenthetical citations and quotation format will differ depending on which work you chose  Oedipus Williams (line #)  (14-16) Use slash marks to indicate line breaks (page #) Works Cited Page: Required, and may not count as part of the page/word requirement.  Reminders: MLA Format No contractions Do NOT use the personal pronouns I, ME, YOU, YOUR No stand-alone quotations Use proper parenthetical citations for all words taken from the text or  outside sources. Do not merely summarize the plot of the play. Be sure to have an original title, a complete introduction with a thesis statement as the last sentence of your intro paragraph (full name of author and full title of work must be in the thesis) and a complete conclusion paragraph (no new info in the conclusion).

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