Of the two approaches to reducing health risks, which is the easiest to use


1_ Assign. #1, comparison


For 15 possible points, please TYPE at least 1/2 page single spaced for your complete answers (all 5 answers = 1/2 page total). I’m looking for a thoughtful analysis of these approaches. Please refer directly to their descriptions so I can tell you’ve read and understood them (for instance, please note that “Hungry for Change” is not just a dietary approach, but includes other behaviors).

For this assignment, I’d like you to compare and contrast two advertized ways to lower the risk factors for heart disease. The attachment, Hungry for Change, gives a list of ways that are ‘proven’ to lower LDL, raise HDL, lower blood pressure, reduce fat and lower blood sugar levels. Obviously, this is a natural, whole foods, holistic approach to wellness. NOW PLEASE GO TO THE ATTACHMENT ON THIS ASSIGNMENT THAT DESCRIBES PGX..”PGX Daily Will Change Your Life.” (ORIGINALLY THIS WAS A LINK TO THE WEBSITE, BUT IT DOESN’T SEEM TO BE WORKING. SO NOW, JUST GO TO THIS ATTACHMENT DIRECTLY ON THIS ASSIGNMENT PAGE). The supplement is described as: “…a unique novel complex of natural polysaccharides that complement each other and has been shown …to form strong interactions resulting in an extremely high viscosity….It is well known that the physiological effects and overall benefits to human health of a soluble fibre are directly proportionate to its viscosity.”

  • .…….

Please answer the following questions after your have read and understood the differences in these approaches (you many, of course, add any further thoughts/insights):

1. Of the two approaches to reducing health risks, which is the easiest to use? Why?

2. What are the specific ingredients in each that reduce risks and improve health? (Can you find them on the PGX website?)

3. Is there room in one’s health promoting behaviors for both a natural approach and a use of supplements? Why or why not?

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each method?

5. Which method do you prefer? Explain.

2_Assign. #2 and #3, Packet articles

PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE TWO ASSIGNMENTS ON THIS PAGE for a total of 20 possible points:

• For 10 possible points, please read the article entitled “In Your Face: How the Food Industry Drives us to Eat,” pp. 55-60. Answer the questions and follow the directions on p. 54.

• For 10 possible points, please read the two very short articles on pp. 112-113 on ways to be environmentally friendly. Follow all directions carefully on p. 111.

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