One of 3 readings from textbook


For the primary source paper assignment, you will choose ONE of the following
textbook readings from Through Women’s Eyes (the required text for this course.)
• William and Ellen Craft, Running 1000 Miles to Freedom, pp. 226-229

• Bessie Van Vorst, The Woman Who Toils, pp. 363-368

• Zitkala-Sa, Indian Girlhood and Education, pp. 422-425

Length of paper: 500 words minimum, 800 words maximum

Assignment: Read ONE of the above-listed readings and
summarize the main arguments/ideas AND explain why this
reading is significant to women’s history

In order to explain the significance of the reading, you should
also read the corresponding textbook chapter to get a better
sense of the historical importance of the writing.


• Use 10 or 12 size font, Times New Roman preferred

• Spelling and grammar do count so please proof your work carefully.

• Use your textbook only as a source. This is an assignment to demonstrate how
well you can understand a primary source. You can quote from the source but
keep in mind that most of the writing should be in your own words. If quoting,
you can use MLA or Chicago style citations.

• Keep personal comments/reactions out of the paper. There should be no sentences
that refer to you or your experiences. This is not a personal reflection paper!
Maintain academic tone – no slang, formal English throughout the paper, no
conversational tone. This is not an oral report so don’t write it like you are giving
a speech

To get an A on this assignment the paper must:
demonstrate a thorough understanding of the reading’s arguments/main ideas

Can provide textbook pages needed screenshots



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