Operations Management


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Coursework task
If you were to be appointed as an operations manager in charge of a company’s
operations performance, would you emphasise on balancing all five performance
objectives (quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost) or focus on one particular
objective only, and why?

You need to base your argument on a comprehensive literature review on operations
management performance objectives and use two contrasting examples (one from
manufacturing and one from service) you are familiar with. You need to produce an
essay to discuss relevant literature to inform your own opinion. The essay should
include the following key elements:
1) Identification of key, specific measures for the five operations performance
objectives that are being used for the operations in the industries or sectors in
which your examples will sit in, and what are the current performance issues
within the industries or sectors?
2) A critical review of literature on operations performance management in both
manufacturing and service operations which will inform your opinion on whether
operations should balance all five performance objectives or focus on particular
one only.
3) Illustrate with at least one example (either from manufacturing or service) to
show how your (balanced or focused) approach can best solve the performance
issues you have identified in point 1).

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