Philosophy of Human Nature


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Topic #1= Philosophy of Human Nature
In this essay you will evaluate different theories of human nature. You will compare and contrast two philosophical positions which we have analyzed this semester. You will present objections and responses to these philosophical positions and you will evaluate which one is superior. Finally, you will have the opportunity to pontificate on human nature, to tell me what your view is.
Here is the pool of philosophical positions:

i. Buddhism
ii. Plato
iii. Marx
iv. Freud
v. Sartre
vi. Darwin

1. Compare & Contrast two philosophical positions from the pool {i., ii., iii., iv., v., vi.} (This section will comprise the bulk of your essay)

a. Explain the position clearly and concisely (P1).
b. Explain the other position clearly and concisely (P2).
c. Present an objection to P1.
d. Explain how a defendant of that position would respond.
e. Present an objection to P2.
f. Explain how a defendant of that position would respond.
g. Evaluate which position is superior. (Explain why a particular position is superior, providing reasons for why this is the case)
2. Tell me what you think about the concept of human nature. Explain why you hold this belief. Once again, you should provide reasons for why you think this is the case. (This section should be considerably shorter than the previous section)
Tips for Topic #1
i. While you are setting forth a philosophical position (and you will do this twice in your essay), you should make the case as strong as possible and be charitable. Here, you are setting up your opponent and you want to have a real opponent- not a Straw Man. When you attack that position, you want your assault to be meaningful. Analogically, you wouldn’t claim a substantive victory if you fought a baby. Congratulations, you beat up a baby.
ii. When presenting an objection (and you will do this twice in your essay) you should ensure that you present the strongest possible objection. It does no good to offer a really weak objection. Attempt to slay your opponent (which I know is weird, because it is you). This is particularly difficult if it is a position which you are sympathetic towards. However, that is part of the point of this writing assignment. To see the weaknesses in a position which you endorse is a sign of superb critical thinking.
iii. When explaining how a defendant of that position would respond you should be charitable and give the strongest response possible. You might find this especially difficult while handling a view which you disagree with. To see the strengths in a position which you disagree with is also a sign of superb critical thinking.
iv. While presenting your own view of human nature, please ensure that the objections which you have already presented do not apply to your own position (or, if these objections apply, show that your view has a better way of dealing with them).
An excellent essay answers the question in a clear and concise manner. It goes beyond basic understanding and incorporates new ideas or synthesizes information to show connections between previously unmentioned concepts. It is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, and it meets, but does not exceed, the word requirement.
Please cite the sources
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