The poems on the book are to be used as reference in order to write about the role of women in older and current generation. Below is the draft that my teacher wanted me to follow pleas base the paper on the draft.

1800-2400 Word (6-8 pages) MLA style

The role of women in society
The role of women in society has been greatly seen after 1920, many women’s were started reflected opposing the existing rule and culture in previous. In earlier time women were seen as wives who were intended to cook, clean, and taker of kids (haggett Ali 2012) they were not allowed to vote while men took care of having jobs and paying bills that had to be paid. After 1920s many women’s writers cannot accepted the men stereotype and women’s discrimination. Therefore, many women writers showed their felling and latency. For example Alice Dunbar Nelen talks about her filling her poems “I sit and I saw” and described women at the time of war. Women writer Marry Wallson croft wrote about nature and imitation. Her ideas showed women’s writers are usually occupied with the body, and women’s writers, Jean Rhys wrote about the rise of fashion industry in business (Gilbert Gubar? pag #)
1. Women at the wartime
• Women serves like army
• Preparing food
• Treating wounded
2. Women’s are writers
• Women writers emotional books
• Defining their opinion by writing
• Writing women’s problem for the readers
3. Women participating in business
• Women are popular in fashion industry
• Women serves as model in business
I need a really good one paragraph conclusion , THANKS !!!
Title The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women
Author Sandra M. Gilbert; Susan Gubar
ISBN 978-0-393-93014-6
Publisher W. W. Norton Company, Incorporated
Publication Date February 2, 2007

Preferred language style   US English

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