If you have not taught before, go ahead and be creative and develop items that may reflect your future.

It can be fictional” or something to that affect.


This is a listing of the required components and suggestions for additional components of your Teaching Portfolio.

A. each component should have a short 200-250 word paragraph reflecting how this component has or will increase your teaching ability


B. introduction page – includes your goals for your future teaching career


C. course summary page or course reflection page – 200- 250 word paragraph explaining what are your strong points and your weak points and how what you have learned in the course has impacted each  area.


Here are some Web Sites that may be helpful to give you some ideas on some optional items to include; do some web searching on your own, there are many sites that may be helpful:










1.  Learning Centered Statement 1.  Curricula Vitae
2.  Teaching Biography 2.  Awards
3.  Teaching Role Self-Assessment 3.  Presentations
4.  Reflection on Teaching Styles 4.  Certifications
5.  Philosophy of Teaching 5.  Scholarly Works
6.  Behavioral Objectives 6.  Courses Taught
7.  Power Point Presentation 7.  Evaluations (student)
8.  Lesson Plan 8. Evaluations (supervisor)
9.  Student Centered Activity Plan 9. Educationally related activities
10.  Precepting & Mentoring Plan 10. Continuing Education
11.  Test Tool 11. Curriculum/courses designed
12.  Learner Assessment 12. Samples of Educational Materials developed (other than required)