1.   Describe each of the following ownership costs:

                              a.   downtime cost

                              b.   cycle time cost

                              c.   conversion cost

                              d.   non-value added costs


2.   Discuss the two basic types of learning curves and their applications.


3.   Identify and define the three categories of compensation arrangements.   Give examples of specific arrangements in each category.


4.   What is the difference between award fee contracts and incentive fee contracts?


5.   In what circumstances should negotiation be used instead of competitive bidding?


6.   In the order of preference from the most preferred to the least preferred, identify and describe the four principal approaches to resolving disputes.


7.   Define reciprocity and discuss the ethical implications.


8.   What are the 5 activities of an effective production planning and control system.   Discuss 2 of the activities in detail.


9.   What is MRP and how is MRP different from MRP II?


10.   What are the considerations/elements involved in capacity planning?

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