Profile Story


Profile Story

Project description

This assignment calls for you to interview a person, collect primary information and write a profile story which follows the conventions of the form, including

a soft lead

a feature form structure, including a theme/angle and sub-themes

quotes from your profile subject


Choose a person you know or have access to who is involved in running or working for a business and write a magazine-style business profile. You must provide original material (i.e. you interview a real person).

Ideally the person you choose will be distinguished for some achievement or accomplishment, as the story needs to be newsworthy. Make sure you provide a theme (angle) that gives the reporting a purpose. You can keep the idea of business loose if you find a newsworthy profile subject who doesnt quite fit that topic (i.e. people involved in the arts, music, unusual hobbies, etc, are valid topics for a profile if their activity can be distinguished in some way). You may also decide to interview someone in the career you are pursuing who is farther along and will be newsworthy because of their accomplishments.

Primary Research

You must provide original content. You need to gather the information by direct means, including interviewing the profile subject and any other people you have access to who can provide material for completeness in coverage. You may also need to resort to secondary information but the emphasis in this exercise is on your own primary research and writing. If you do resort to secondary information you must attribute all sources used. If you include material that comes from another source and dont cite that source you will get a grade of zero. The policy on this is very strict. (Even if you change every word, but keep the same syntactical structure and organization, it is still plagiarism).



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