Provide an analysis on any aspects of the sequential organisation and/or interactional functioning which you consider to be of interest in the following extract (HAPPY THANKSGIVING: NB:IV:11:R).


All files submitted MUST be either
MICROSOFT WORD (with a .doc or .docx extension)
or PDF (with a .pdf extension) files


Provide an analysis on any aspects of the sequential organisation and/or interactional functioning which you consider to be of interest in the following extract (HAPPY THANKSGIVING: NB:IV:11:R).

You should draw on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during this course (and, where appropriate, from other parts of your degree). Appropriate incorporation of material from the literature is expected (for which credit will be given).


Your submitted work must be double spaced and have all pages numbered.

Your assignment should be in the region of 2500 words ( ± 10%). This does not include any quotation of EXTRACTS from the data which you should provide to exemplify your analysis.
However, you must provide both these word counts (analysis and data) on the cover of your assignment: e.g. 2741 analysis + 369 data.

Students are required to add the following declaration on page 2 of all written assignments:
“I, ………… [name], declare that I am the sole author of this assignment and the work is a result of my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. All references have been duly cited.”

A Self-Assessment Exercise must be pre-completed

Failure to comply with these criteria will result in loss of marks.


4 (NB:IV:11:R)

01​Gla:   ËšhhHello[:?Ëš

​Emm:           [.t.h I’d like tuh wish you a hha:ppy

​       Thanksgiving fr’m Balboa,

​Gla:   Oh thank ï‚­you dee[ ah.]

05​Emm:                   [ ihh]hhe:nh .he[ah

​Gla:                                   [ËšhnhËš

​Emm:   Ah didï‚­ju[ge:tche]r paper this: morning=

​Gla:           [ Ahshh ]

​Emm:   =it wz ou:t’n [fron’v a:r pla:ce.=

10​Gla:                 [m-

​Gla:   =Yes dear ah di:d.

​Emm:   Bud took’t over on the porch he didn’know whether yih w’r

​       u:p.h

​Gla:   u-Well thank you yes I did I’m just up a little whi:le en

15​       doing the .hh chores I’ve u-got some woshing tih do:

​       e[nd   eh] .hh I haftih balance my checkbook ï‚­hoh

​Emm:   [nYa:h,]

​Gla:   ah a[h

​Emm:       [aa:hh [hh

20​Gla:             [which I alwiz pos’pone b’cz I ha[te doi]ng [it,]=

​Emm:                                               [Ye:h. ]   [I: ]=

​Emm:   =[d o [ too Ëš(         )Ëš ]

​Gla:   =[.hh [E n   then later on] ah’ll go down fer swim it looks

​       very ni:ce.

25​Emm:   .h I wz over duh SEE YOU YESTERDA:Y BUTCHU [MUSTA BEEN=

​Gla:                                             [ËšuËš

​Emm:   =TAK’n A NAP ah RANG th’BE:LL ‘n then I caï‚­:lled juh:

​       later in the eveni:ng

​       (0.7)

30​Emm:   I don’know wher you we:re m[ay-]

​Gla:                             [ Oh]: ah’ll tellyou uh:m .hh

​       I: uh:m .hh ï‚­heard th’pho:ne ah wz watching television

​       u-by the time I got out he[re i-i]t’d stopped ringing.

​Emm:                             [Ye:ah.]

35​Gla:   [.hhhhhh

​Emm:   [Yea:h w’l I let ih ring about ten times uh thuh well now

​       maybe ye[r’n th’ BA:]THtu:b.

​Gla:           [N o   n o :,]

​Gla:   .h No:[uh wih] th’ t]elevi[sion o:n yih] know=

40​Emm:         [ËšehhhËš]   henh]     [˚˚M m   h m˚˚] ËšhmËš

​Gla:   =ha[lf th’time yih do]n’t hear it..he:u:[hh

​Emm:     [Y e : :   a : : h.]                   [W’l GLADYS:?

​       no[:w I:’d l:ove ï‚­tih have ï‚­you join us:

​Gla:     [( )-

45​       (.)

​Emm:   If you::: feel ez though y’d like t’c’m ï‚­over,

​Gla:   u-We:ll thank you dear I do:n’t think so: ah: had my

​       little .hhh he:n: a[nd   uh:].hh

​Emm:                     [ËšMm hmËš]

50​Gla:   I’m looking fohrw’rd to jus:t uh .hh having uh (.) .h a

​       liddle:: (0.7) ti:me tih myse:lf=


​Emm:   =˚*A’r[i : ght Ëš]   [(   )

​Gla:         [I’ve loo:]k'[fohw’d t(h)hho ihhht (h)so

​       [l(h)aw-.hh]

55​Emm:   [O h : : : ][: : : : ]:*::

​Gla:               [yihknow ]like Gahrbo:,

​Gla:   .t[.hhh]

​Emm:     [y:Ye]:hhh[h hheh]

​Gla:               [eh:hhh][h heh]he

60​Emm:                       [h A h] WAghNT to be aLO[:::ne.]=

​Gla:                                               [Bu:t uh]=

​Emm:   =.hh[hh

​Gla:       [An’ Bil-u-an’ Bhud ghot dho:[wn.

​Emm:                                   [.hhhh YE:S HE wz HE:RE:

65​       uafter I: came ho::me, I: uh went tuh Lottie’s fer a fih-

​       li’l whal’n then he’d gone up tih get some

​       PAI[:NT. So he ca]:me o:n in en: uh

​Gla:     [˚˚I   s e e˚˚]

​       (.)

70​Emm:   .p[.hhh

​Gla:     [Well that’s fi:ne. Will’e[: haf] tih go(b)]

​Emm:                               [So he] hadtuh go] ho:me

​       tihmorrow tih go tuh work so I ma:y haftih go up

​       tihmorrow’n then I be back tihmorruh ni :ght.hh [hh

75​Gla:                                                   [Oh ye:s.=

​Emm:   =Ah gwup’n get s’m clo:thes,

​       (.)

​Gla:   [Oh ye:s.]

​Emm:   [(An:d ub)]

80​       (.)

​Gla:   ih-De:ss. ‘N [then y’ll Well th-thank you so much [deeah,]

​Emm:                 [.hhhh                               [Uh   en]

​       HOW DID BILL didjih geddim eh he’s on   th’plane eez in

​       Jersey now I spo:ze,

85​Gla:   iYe:s I expah- ah expec’tih heah from i[m tihd]ay=

​Emm:                                         [ Ya:h.]

​Gla:   =en ah’l[l be-]

​Emm:           [Yah, ]

​Gla:   .hh hanging around that’s’nother reas’n thet ah

90​       [wanta b]e hee]uh.

​Emm:   [*M m : ] hm:,]

​Gla:   [.hhhhhhhh

​Emm:   [.p.t.hh W’l GLA:D[YS? i]v yee-]

​Gla:                     [But   ]t h an]ks evuh so: an:d um

95​Emm:   ‘F you NEED ISS? or w’nd uh WAHNT a thing yihknow w’r

​       right he:r[e so]:

​Gla:             [Well ]

​       (.)

​Gla:   Thank you verih mu[ch dear ah’ll ] probly see you later=

100​Emm:                     [A : ‘r i g h t]

​Emm:   =[A::’ ]right. ]

​Gla:   =[on in] the da]::y.

​Emm:   A:’ri:ght,

​Gla:   Tha:nkyo[u.

105​Emm:           [Bye bye[:

​Gla:                   [Bye bye:


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