Psychology and Education


Review Paper:  Each student will prepare individually a 10-12 page APA-style paper that reviews at least 7 scientific articles on one area of biopsychology/neuroscience, chosen by the student.  A “page” should consist of 8.5 x 11 paper, one inch margins all around (no right justification), double-spaced throughout, and 12 point font.  The topic must be unique (each topic may only be chosen by one student).  Examples of appropriate topics are provided at the end of this syllabus, although you may use any topic covered in our textbook.  ALL topics MUST be approved by Dr. Oswald by Midterm (8am Sunday March 2).

The literature (7 scientific articles) should consist of recent (2009-2014 publication dates), peer-reviewed articles (virtually all articles listed in MEDLINE or PsycINFO would be peer-reviewed).  You MAY NOT USE YOUR TEXTBOOK OR ANY OTHER BOOK AS A SOURCE OF YOUR INFORMATION.  You also may NOT use websites or encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) for this paper at all.
The style of the paper should follow that used for review papers in the APA Manual or expository articles in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science.  EVERYHING in the paper should be written in your own words–YOU SHOULD NOT USE QUOTES AT ALL.  Papers will be verified for originality using SafeAssignment.  Quotations will be detected as plagiarized and will count against you in the final grading.  Papers more than 40% similar to other sources will receive a failing grade.  All of the information you write should be paraphrased from the articles you read and cited appropriately according to APA format.  An example of a student paper written in this style is provided on Blackboard; use that paper as a model, and carefully follow the rubric below for a description of page numbers and content.
Review papers are worth 150 points.  Papers are due by 8am Sunday April 13.  Five percent will be deducted for each 24-hour period it is late.  Papers should be submitted electronically AS AN ATTACHMENT to the “Final Papers” section on Blackboard.  Papers must be submitted in .doc or .docx file format, or the formatting will be lost (so you’ll get zero for formatting points).

Final Review Papers Will Be Graded with the Following Rubric:
Point Value
The entire paper in APA format
20 points
A minimum of 7 SCIENTIFIC sources, including a Reference section at the end of the paper, in APA format.  At least 5 of the articles MUST report some original research, and up to 2 articles may be peer-reviewed APA style review papers.  Original research reports MUST contain Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Reference sections.  Review articles MUST contain Introduction, Discussion, and Reference sections.  ALL articles MUST come from peer-reviewed scientific journals (not a website or magazine like Psychology Today).      40 points
A Title Page.  In APA format.  The title page is on one page.
10 points
An Abstract—100-140 word summary of YOUR paper.  The abstract also goes on a page by itself.
15 points
An Introduction.  The introduction should introduce the reader to the problem, and should describe and integrate at least 4 of the 7 research articles (assuming you discuss the remaining articles in the Discussion section).  HOWEVER, if you don’t use the other 3 references in your Discussion section, then the introduction MUST describe and integrate ALL 7 articles.  The introduction will be 5-7 pages long.
40 points
A Discussion.  The Discussion section should summarize the key points described in the introduction, and suggest further research, based on the findings reviewed in the introduction.  The discussion should be about 2-3 pages long.     25 points


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