pumpkin salad


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Our product is pumpkin salad. the target market is the coffee shop like Starbucks and costa. the recipe are: pumpkin, pumpkin seed, pumpkin oil, quinar, pine nut, noodle,mixed salad. Where to start?
Identify an opportunity – an entrepreneurial idea – what consumer needs and
market niches can be identified?
Consider relevant contemporary issues – the product produced must consider at
least one issue…..think about: health, changing consumer requirements, the
environment, free from foods, local foods, sustainability and so on. The rationale
for the included contemporary issue/s must not be tenuous.
Analysis of the existing marketplace – think about GAP analysis, looking at brand
websites, the media, magazines, trade literature, consumer statistics and so on.
What information should be contained within the report?
 Why is the product required by the market?
 Who is the consumer…age, gender, purchase scenario
 Profile of product so, premium, fast, economy
 Cost of product to make, projected retail price and anticipated profit
margins…what is the rationale for these figures?
 Where will the product be sold?
 What will the product look like, the size/portioning of product
 Proposed packaging…jar, bottle, carton, tube, glass, cardboard, metal…
 Claims, such as, local, free from etc. Does this fit in with legal margins?
How can the claims be verified?
 Colour, texture, flavour ambitions 9 HTM233 Contemporary Food Concerns 2014/15
 Shelf-life, storage requirements and cooking and implications and issues of
improper treatment
 Quality control and methods to ensure this
 Microbiology work produced in semester one will assist with certain
aspects, such as, storage and must therefore be included.
oUse of tables, figures and graphics to convey the experimental
oWhy are the findings important to the chosen product?
oCould there be any issues with the data and experiment?
oHow do the findings relate to the chosen consumer group? Think
about age, vulnerability, numbers being served….
oWhat are some of the specific issues relating to your product? For
example, hot holding, transporting food, keeping food cool, serving
many in a short space of time….
oWhat needs to be put in place to assist with the particular issues
discussed in order to make the food as safe as possible?
Additional considerations
 Availability of ingredients, seasonality and subsequent cost issues
 Can food product be served, cooked etc. in required time period in
particular think about presentation and safety.
 Is there any legislation regarding the food product proposed?
 Is the product of a realistic quality – appearance tests, taste tests, portion
analysis, packaging changes.
Finally, evaluation of the process
 Compare the finished food to see how well it meets with the plan.
 How does it compare with competitors’ (if any) products?
 Does it meet the needs of the proposed situation?
 Does it meet the needs of the intended users?

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