A. Diagram the internal processes that need attention in the scenario.

1. Analyze how applicable standards from external agencies would require current processes to be examined and changed.

2. Discuss how improved communication with customers may partially resolve the current problems.

3. Explain whether customer satisfaction should be a consideration in attending to these processes.

4. Discuss how coding productivity guidelines can be evaluated.

5. Illustrate how benchmarking could be used for supportive documentation to show quality improvement in the scenario.

B. Present the human resources issues that need attention.

1. Discuss the problems that need immediate attention.

2. Discuss how you would initiate a training program for new staff members.

3. Explain how you would promote professional development for existing staff members.

4. Illustrate how staff morale can be immediately improved in this situation.

C. Outline the elements needed for a quality improvement plan to address the problems presented in the scenario by doing

the following:

1. Discuss what data must be gathered for this project.

2. Illustrate how to use the gathered data for benchmarking purposes.

3. Summarize how you would implement the project.

4. Discuss project time parameters.

a. Explain how you would keep staff members on a project timeline.

5. Propose indicators of quality you would use to monitor the project.

6. Summarize how you would evaluate project success.


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