Race: The Power of an Illusion


watch the full video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChWXyeUTKg8&list=PLt6nX4f8WjdWgeomQQ3oLzVH5EoahlcQB&index=5.
Please respond to at least three of the four following questions related to our lecture and the film, Race: The Power of

an Illusion. Your response should be approximately 1 – 2 pages (double-spaced).

1.) Has the notion that race represents the distinct biological differences among groups always existed? How has the

concept of race evolved over time with the help of scientific “authorities”?

2.) What is the connection between slavery, science, and prejudices directed towards racial minority groups in the U.S.?

Why does racial inequality persist after the abolition of slavery?

3.) How did expanding democracy and giving opportunities to more white men intersect with American society becoming

increasingly “race based” in the mid to late 19th century? How did racism benefit whites?

4.) Does racial inequality harm not only minority groups who experience direct prejudice and discrimination, but society

as a whole? Please explain.


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