Research Paper


Research Paper in South Florida
Diversity Program in an Academic Setting
Select an academic organization such as but not limited to public K-12 school(s), private K-12 school(s), a higher education academic institution such as a college or university, and describe their Diversity Program(s). You can/may use your field placement school.
•Provide a history of the organization, such as but not limited to its mission, when founded or established, what it produces, etc.
•Then define and/or describe the Diversity Program. Include such information as how, when, what, where, and why about their diversity program(s).

Your research paper must be in APA style format, and at least four (4) typed/word processed pages, including an abstract page. Use print size twelve (12) and a basic print, preferably Times New Roman. There must be a cover page in APA style, at least four (4) pages of information, and a reference page. There must be at least three (3) citations or sources.

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