School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood


School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood

Assessment Task 1: e-Portfolio and Lesson Plan

Plan a learning episode (learning map) appropriate for your sector context incorporating either a literacy or numeracy focus. Please use the lesson plan template provided.

Record a 5 minute verbal explanation of the planning process (story sharing)
State your name and sector.
Identify the curriculum area, literacy/numeracy focus, and year level. Be sure to answer the following questions (deconstruct/reconstruct) within your oral explanation:
• Clearly explain the thinking processes involved in the planning of this lesson plan and include answers to the following questions:
• What part does backward mapping play in the planning process?
• What was the reasoning given for the choice of questions used?
• Identify the resources used when planning.
• Identify the teaching approach taken and refer to reference materials that support your approach and relevant information about learners and learning. (Minimum of 5 references)

Set up your e-Portfolio and your APST rubric (template provided).

Upload the following:
• a completed lesson plan
• the explanation transcript
• reflection using journaling tool


Assignment support materials:
Please ensure you utilise the following materials to complete Assignment 1:
? E-Portfolio support presentation
? Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Template
? APST Template
? Assignment 1 Marking Criteria
? Assignment 1 support presentation
These materials can be found on study desk in the Folder marked Assignment 1

Research Sources: There must be clear evidence of the use of credible academic research sources to guide your response to the assessment task. There are numerous resources you have access to through the Study Desk and through the library and internet in general. You need to acknowledge all sources of information that are not your own using the APA referencing style.

Referencing system: American Psychological Association (APA Style): APA style is the only referencing style that will be accepted. The USQ library homepage contains the APA referencing guide. Please use it.
APA referencing guide

Assignment submission:

Save in the following format:
? lastname_firstname_EDC1400_as1 That is: Louth_Sharon_EDC1400_as1

Then upload your e-Portfolio link to the Assignment submission section on Study desk. Make sure you have followed all instructions regarding sharing your e-Portfolio because if the marker cannot open the folder they cannot mark your work.


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