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A Serious Man

Many scholars have pointed to A Serious Man as being a 20th century take on the biblical story of Job. How does the film function as a modern interpretation of this biblical myth?

Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern university physics professor, endures a progression of confounding inconveniences. His better half reports that she needs a divorce so she can wed a neighbor. Since she needs to do as such in confidence and cannot move in with her future spouse out of appropriateness, Larry and his bizarre grieved sibling must leave and move into a dingy motel adjacent. At the point when his wife’s lover dies in a mischance, Larry is stuck making and paying for the burial service courses of action. A Korean understudy and his dad are nagging Larry to acknowledge a payoff for giving the understudy a passing evaluation. Larry’s Gentile neighbor has grabbed a bit of Larry’s property. Larry’s kids are appalling. Jumbled by every one of these ideas of life, Larry looks for answers in religion.

As nearly every viewer noticed, the sudden breaking down of Larry’s life is intended to bring out Job, whom God rebuffs slaughtering his family, crushing his domesticated animals just to check whether he’ll stay upright and heavenly. Satan wagers he won’t; God wagers he will. As the idiom goes, Job’s understanding is hard to attempt; yet the scriptural character rushes to air his grievances. Also, when God shows up toward the end, it’s to put down Job for complaining. The standard translation is that Job can’t in any way, shape or form comprehends the multifaceted nature of God’s fundamental leadership and that it’s arrogant for us mortals to try and attempt.

Not able to question God straightforwardly, Larry takes his issues to some rabbis, who push a Jobish moral. The first rabbi, Scott, recommends, that he need to see these things as articulations of God’s will. He does not need to like it, obviously. When Gopnik gripes to the second rabbi, Nachtner, that he simply needs answers to his troubles Nachtner censures that we as a whole need the reply but be as it may, Hashem does not owe us answers. The commitment runs the other way and that we mortals should not question Gods way of doing things and instead be obedient.

Seeing A Serious Man as a retelling of the book of Job is a real decision that every viewer can take. The Coen brothers did not seem to have proposed the film to be such, and there are a few noteworthy disjunctions between their story and the scriptural account. However, these need not be conclusive protests against the routine of adjusting Larry Gopnik to Job. In any case, there stays another more productive course. This is to consider A Serious Man, not as a retelling of the Book of Job, yet rather as an expansion of a similar sort; the troublesome religious craziness story.

In conclusion, if a viewer comes to comprehend A Serious Man as a retelling of Job, that is their legitimate right paying little heed to the aims of its makers. In any case, it merits considering in more noteworthy profundity why viewers may wish to distinguish A Serious Man as a retelling of Job too; The inspirations driving recognizing the Job-like parts of the film relate, I think, to the way of A Serious Man as an absurdist comic drama that upsets viewer’s assumptions with respect to story traditions.


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