Social Marketing


Mini-Project Requirements
 Choose one health issue and a target population. Using the principles of Social Marketing develop a written 30 second radio spot or plan for a video-clip or a photo for the health issue and target population you choose. GET CREATIVE!
 Included with the radio spot, you will turn in a 3-5 page paper.
Paper Requirements: Typed, Use Headings
 Clearly and specifically describe your target population
 Create a social marketing campaign focused on a topic of your choice.
o Specifically address the following components of Social Marketing:
 Mutual Fulfillment of Self-Interest
 Consumer Orientation
 Segmentation
 The Marketing Mix
o Product / Service
o Price
o Place
o Promotion
o Partners
1. You will need to clearly define and document your target population including issues around culture, environment and demographic considerations.
2. Be sure to specifically define and address all components of social marketing campaign.
3. Be sure your project is organized and presented in a professional manner.
4. You will turn in a) your written radio spot and b) your paper defining and addressing all components of a social marketing campaign.

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