Studies in workplace bullying


Studies in workplace bullying
The assignment involves selecting a conflict-related topic relevant to an organizational setting, reviewing scholarly and professional literature on that topic, and summarizing the findings. The assignment will be evaluated on selection of a topic relevant to management science, identification and review of scholarly and professional literature, ability to compare and contrast research methods, summarization of findings in a 5 page paper; and adherence to accepted standards of academic writing.

Scientific studies expand the knowledge base of management science. Studies may include surveys, questionnaires, observation, testing, and similar data-gathering instruments, either alone or in combination. Generally, one study does not provide conclusive evidence in and of itself. But individual research studies provide a baseline of data for further study and, in conjunction with expert opinion and best practices, can provide a sound basis for workplace improvements. This is the essence of ?data-driven? management: operating on facts and research vs. personal preference and intuition.
Content and Analysis You should identify three different research studies on your chosen topic in order to make a meaningful comparison, noting differences in, for example, the research methodologies, populations studied, other distinctive features, and findings. The objective of this assignment is not to make a value judgment on the studies. Rather, it is to gain insight into the contribution of scientific research to conflict management and to understand how the results can assist organizational leaders and members.
NOTE: All three studies must focus on the same general topic so that you are comparing apples to apples. For example, if you choose the effectiveness of the ADR method mediation, all three studies must be about mediation. It would be incorrect to have one study about mediation, one about facilitation, and one about arbitration. This does not mean that all of the studies have the same findings or come to the same conclusion, but they should have the same research topic.

Composition Guidelines:

Prepare a 5 page paper that conforms to the Composition Standards and includes:

1. A coversheet
2. An introduction with a statement of the research topic (Studies in workplace bullying)and the significance of this research for management science
3. A coherent summary of the findings from the scientific studies in the literature you reviewed, comparing and contrasting the research methods and outcomes
4. A conclusion that includes your assessment of the implications of the findings for conflict resolution in organizations with emphasis on the role of HR management.
5. A reference list with a minimum of three references cited in APA format. Sources should be current and include at least one scholarly journal; business and trade publications may also contain reports of research studies.
6. The title page and reference list are in addition to the 5 pages of content.


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