Swift and Borowski


Swift and Borowski


Instructions: The student will write a long essay on one of the following three topics: a.) Compare and contrast the two readings. Indicate how satire in the one reading becomes reality in the other reading. Be certain to give specific examples; b.) Discuss the writing techniques employed by Swift and Borowski to involve the reader in the terrible actions and consequences of the "writer’s logic"–be specific; or c.) Discuss what you find most disturbing in the two readings–be specific.

Read the assignment before going on to other activities.
Read Textbook ( N. B.: There are two authors in this Module and two reading assignments associated with those authors–the first, in Volume D and the second, in Volume F. There is also a website reading)
Read: Vol. D, 265-269; then, view and read "A Modest Proposal" on the following website: http://www.victorianweb.org/previctorian/swift/modest.html; then, read: Vol. F, 693-707.
Review the Notes and Texts from Moliere – Tartuffe and the Timeline if necessary.


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