SWOT Analysis


Taking the perspective of the CEO of the private label jewelry company Ballet Jewels and looking at the Ballet Jewels company in its entirety and at its strategic perspective, do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of your internship company, assessing the internal and external environments of your company with recommendations for improvement. This project has 3 parts:


1. Internal Analysis
By comparing your company’s core functions and capabilities versus its competition, look for both strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

You may want to consider all of the following core functions, as they may apply:
Sales & Marketing Finance & Accounting
Human Resources Research & Development
Information Systems Management
Production & Distribution

Explain the tasks performed by each function analyzed at your company (do not merely list the function) and describe what you consider to be that function’s key strengths and/or weaknesses. Important: justify your conclusions.

2. External Analysis
What’s impacting your organization from the outside? Discuss issues that could result in opportunities or threats for your organization. 


Within the overall environment consider any or all of the following that apply:
Demographic Political/Legal Economic
Socio-cultural Technological Global

Within your organization’s specific industry, consider any or all of the following that apply:
Threat of New Competition Power
of Suppliers Product Substitution Threats Resource Availability Changing Customer Profile
Competitive Structure of the Industry

3. Identify specific Action Steps:
Develop specific action steps for management so that they might:
 Build upon the strengths of the company
 Fix the weaknesses
 Exploit opportunities for growth
 Prevent threats from derailing future plans


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