Ted Bundy


BOOK TITLE: Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder, 2nd Edition

1.Describe the investigation. How did the investigators proceed? Was there any interaction between the killer and the

police? How did investigators finally catch the killer?
2. Did the police involve the community in their efforts to find the killer?
3. How would you evaluate the level of cooperation or communication between investigators and the community? Were the

police able to warn potential victims?
4. What role, if any, did programs such as Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) or Combined DNA Index System

(CODIS) play in the investigation? If your chosen case was from decades ago, are there investigative tools available

today that could have helped?
5.What was the effect on the local community while this killer was active?
6. Considering the typology you proposed in the Week 3 assignment, are there any adjustments to be made at this point, or

was that typology the correct one?
7.Last, did this case have any impact on law, policing, the criminal justice system, etc.?

Support your responses with examples.
Must have in text quotes.
Cite any sources in APA format.

Once essay is complete please make sure all these key points are in the final paper because that is what it will be

graded on. thank you!
Analyzed and provided a thorough description of the investigation.
Analyzed and described the interaction between police and the community.
Analyzed and evaluated the level of cooperation between police and community.
Analyzed and reviewed the role of Federal data-sharing tools in serial-killer investigations.
Analyzed and described the effect on the local community while the killer was active.
Analyzed and Discussed the long-lasting impacts of the case.
Written components.

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