The Ancient Chinese Folding Chair


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This assignment for the final written, interpretive project is to write the text for a brochure in which you offer a work of art or visual image for sale to a prospective buyer

1. Write a description of the object that is the centerpiece of your brochure (max. 350 words). Your description should translate into clear, grammatically correct English prose:
a. the basic shapes of the work, including its edges (if relevant), and the shapes that comprise its composition; basic information about scale of shapes, and overall size of the work; basic information about colour and shading of the work that are evident while viewing it;
b. detailed comments about aspects of the work that are difficult to see (or to remember without a photograph of the work).

2. Write a conclusion to the brochure (max 200 words). Your conclusion should:
a. Synthesize your thoughts and gracefully end your sales pitch.

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