The CleanSpritz


case analysis of the CleanSpritz

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Answer the following questions about the CleanSpritz case analysis (case attached) :

1. Is MJ Brenner overreacting to the environmental threat? Might the drop in sales be purely a result of the economic recession?

2. Describe the CleanSpritz household surface cleaner user. What motivates them to make a purchase? Do you think the refill package encourages switching by non-CleanSpritz users and/or new trial by non-users of household surface cleaner, or merely cannibalizes CleanSpritz’s existing consumer base?

3. Evaluate Beaton’s alternatives. What are the risks and rewards associated with each? Note: It is recommended that standard (statistical) units (SUs) are used as the basis for any economic calculations or projections (pg. 8 of the case defines SUs).

4. Given your decision, what marketing mix do you recommend for the CleanSpritz product line? What are the economics of your recommendation?

5. If the CleanSpritz refill package option is chosen, should its introduction be delayed to allow MJ Brenner to launch the new package on three or four brands at once?

6. What are MJ Brenner’s responsibilities to its consumers? To its shareholders? To its employees? To society at large?

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