The Controversy of Government Subsidized Student Loans


Education is one of the most important things in every country, especially higher education like college or university. It will be much easier to

find a job in the future if the student accepts a higher education. However, not every student can pay their tuition in college or in university. So

the students start to get the financial aid from college or university, which we can callstudent loans. After they get their loans, they can work to

pay their debts. But where can a large amount of poor students get enough money from? (Maybe that’s controversy) Some people think the government


should pay for student loans because education is important to a country, but some people hold a view that it will occur some economic problems in

the market if the government pays the student debt.(maybe another controversy that government could change the interest rate on students to make more

profit if the governemnt subsidized student loans).(Each controversy is fine in my research paper, the writer can write this two controversies if

that follows the research paper format or something)

I have my research proposal and research outline. After confirming the writer for me, I will email those documents so the writer could follow the




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