The current status of marriage and the family


Your discussion must be driven by a clear thesis statement, one that a contestacble claim can be supported by evidence.  Must use at least 6 sources, maximum of two websites.  Have copy of all articles used. must have an original title.  Have an abstract of 100-150 words.  APA guidelines, citing, in text, references page etc.  12 pt Times new roman.

text used in class:
“Till Death do us Part” Clark and Crompton,
“Always a BridesmaidL People who don’t expect to marry” Crompton
“The need for full recognition of Same sex marriage” Gomes
“Queer Unions: same sex spouses marrying tradition and Innovation” Green
“The case for marriage” Waite and Gallagher
“Premarital cohabitation and the timing of first marriage” Wu

It also needs a thesis and outline separately, with a couple of quotes or paraprases that will be used with the correct in text citations

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