The Impact and Influence of texting on driving


  The Impact and Influence of texting on driving
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Assignment Instructions
Below you will find the rhetorical guidelines for the research paper. Pay close attention to each category I will be looking at because the assignment is approximately 20% of your final grade [200 pts out of 1000].
Mechanical / Format Rubrics:
MLA Works Cited Accuracy: This is about precision in citation format and punctuation placement on your works cited page, which shouldn’t be a problem if your annotated bibliography is in order.
In-text Quotation Accuracy: Make sure that you use signal phrases, accurate formatting both long and short quotes, and parenthetical accuracy. Also, all summaries and paraphrases should be accurate.
Using Source Authors Consciously and Openly: Stylistically, this ensures that when you are presenting the information sources, your engagement with the research material is dynamic (written in present tense) and NOT the in past tense, like a history paper.
Stylistic / Argumentative Rubrics:
Content Organization: As you organize the presentation of research material, this rubric ensures that you have a logical pattern in place and that you don’t ramble and chaotically present material with no rhyme or reason to the reader.
Source Summary Content: As you represent the research material in the paper, you’ll need to have performed due diligence for each source, giving it its fair share of attention in the paper and deciding whether to quote directly, paraphrase, or summarize.
Evaluative Commentary: Arguably the most important aspect of the paper, your ability to synthesize and comment on the research material you find will set your paper apart from a “data-dump,” encyclopedic paper. Using active present tense verbs with respect to your authors will ensure that you not only present information, but also engage and evaluate it meaningfully.
Other Key Criteria:
Completely Avoid 2nd person pronouns and only strategically use 1st person.
A minimum of five pages [Maximum seven]
Include a topical and stylistic title.
Stapled, Times New Roman, paginated, double-spaced, NO titles pages

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