The Making of a Steel Drum


The Making of a Steel Drum

1) Youtube is very unique in bringing to light old videos, sometimes including people who became very famous after their making. Research the steel drum and write 10 sentences on what you think of the sound and what you now know that you did not know before.

Hifumi Hachi Gaeshi played on the shakuhachi

1) After listening to this instrument why do you think it was included in this chapter.

2) Discuss other instruments important traditional Japanese Music.

3) What do you think of the video below?

This is an interesting short video on how to play the shakuhachi

Simon Shaheen on the Ud, often spelled oud.

1) Research this instrument and write a description of it and how it is made.

2) Discuss the different timbres that can be achieved on the Ud.

3) Explain how the Ud resembles other instruments that you may be more familiar with.


Benedicamus Domino, Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chant is incredibly beautiful music. Do some listening and find 3 more chants that you would recommend to a friend who wanted to know more about it.

Bach, Little Fugue in g minor

Bach is one of many famous Baroque composers. Research and find the names of 5 other famous Baroque Composes and cite at least one URL for each.

Four Seasons, Vivaldi, first movement

Spring is one of Four movements of this piece by Antonio Vivaldi. Find a video of the other three seasons, list the URL, and write 2-3 sentence about your impression of each.



1) What does SFUPB stand for, where are they from and why is that significant?

2) Research how the sound is made on the bagpipe and write 4 sentences about your understanding of the sound production.

3) Have you ever heard them before now? Where and when?

If your were to trace Western Music History from ancient times you would most certainly listen to the music of Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474). Below is a well-known piece of his mentioned on the bottom of page 201 of your text. As you listen to it observe that the music notation is not like our notation today or that you find on your card. Describe some of the differences in 4-5 sentences. Now that your have heard this music, search youtube for 2 more pieces by Dufay, list the URL’s and give 3- 4 sentence comments.


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