The Time Bind


or this assignment you will read “The Time Bind” and AW chapter 9 (Work and Family Conflict).

This assignment will require you to apply key sociological concepts from the course to answer a series of questions (see below). You may want to use sub-headings and/or ‘group’ responses around a few themes (e.g., Introduction (questions a); Family-Friendly Policies (questions b and c); Challenges (question d and e); Managers and Workers (question f); and Conclusion (question g).

Assignment Questions:
a)Explain the ‘Time-Bind’ thesis.
b)Explain what ‘family-friendly’ policies are. Include a basic description and examples.
c)Why did workers not take advantage of family-friendly policies?
d) For some workers, why was work more rewarding than home?
e)Drawing on examples from the book, discuss ‘role-strain’, ‘role-overload’ and work-family conflict’ (see AW text).
f) How did workers and managers perceive family-friendly policies? Explain why workers were ‘working-scared’.
g)What is the perception of family-friendly policies in Canada? How could we make family-friendly policies more viable in Canada?


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